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As summer temperatures begin to soar in the Atlanta, GA, area, homeowners may wonder if it is the right time to install sod for a lush, green lawn. While installing sod during the summer months presents some challenges, it is possible with proper care and attention. At Green Landscape Supply, we are here to answer your questions and provide expert guidance on installing sod during the summer in Atlanta.

Challenges of Installing Sod in Summer

Summer heat and humidity pose several challenges when it comes to installing sod. High temperatures can increase stress on the sod, leading to dehydration and heat damage. Additionally, the intense sunlight can cause the sod to dry out quickly, making it challenging to establish healthy roots.

Moreover, the risk of pests, weeds and diseases is higher during the summer months, which can threaten the success of your sod installation. Without proper care and maintenance, your newly installed sod may struggle to take root and thrive in the summer heat.

Tips for Successful Sod Installation in Summer

While installing sod during the summer requires extra care and attention, it is possible to achieve successful results with the following tips:

  • Choose the Right Type of Sod: Select a sod variety that is well-suited to the climate and soil conditions in Atlanta, GA. Bermuda grass and zoysia grass are popular choices for summer sod installation, as they are heat-tolerant and resilient.
  • Prepare the Soil Properly: Before installing sod, prepare the soil by removing any weeds, rocks and debris. Loosen the soil to improve drainage and create a smooth, level surface for laying the sod.
  • Water Thoroughly: Proper watering is essential for the success of your sod installation, especially during the hot summer months. Water the soil thoroughly before laying the sod to ensure it is moist and ready to receive the turf. After installation, water the sod deeply and consistently to keep the roots moist and promote establishment.
  • Provide Shade and Protection: To protect the newly installed sod from the scorching sun, provide temporary shade using shade cloth or lightweight fabric. This will help reduce stress on the sod and minimize water loss through evaporation.
  • Monitor for Pests and Diseases: Keep a close eye on your newly installed sod for signs of pests, weeds or diseases. Promptly address any issues to prevent them from spreading and damaging the turf.
  • Adjust Mowing and Maintenance Practices: During the establishment period, adjust your mowing and maintenance practices to promote healthy growth and development. Avoid mowing the sod too short or too frequently, as this can stress the turf and hinder root establishment.

While installing sod during the summer in Atlanta, GA, presents its challenges, it is possible to achieve successful results with proper care and attention. At Green Landscape Supply, we offer high-quality sod and expert guidance to help you create a beautiful, healthy lawn that thrives in the summer heat. Contact us today at our locations in Buford or Norcross to learn more about our sod products and services.

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  • Jon B.

    Wanted to add top dressing to my lawn and stopped by to get some basic facts before starting. The team was so helpful to answer my many questions and made me feel comfortable to move forward with project. Stopped by a few weeks later with a u-haul and was all loaded up and ready to go within 15 minutes. Very helpful and inviting team. I might have them deliver next time, seems it's much easier and it can be dropped off on my driveway in those huge plastic bags - wife likes that Idea, and keeps me from unloading the truck on my own

  • D. F. C.

    We undertook a major landscaping project spanning 2018-2019. It includes stabilizing a foundation wall, construction of retaining walls, redirecting drainage, raised flowerbeds, and completely redoing the lawn. It requires multiple truckloads of stone, sand, fill dirt and topsoil. We saved a few dollars, but more importantly, the quality of the products ordered were unequaled. It was the best experience in getting exactly what and how much we needed that we had in the 30Y we've been here.

  • Ben J.

    Holy Cow! Super fast and friendly service having some gravel delivered. Person taking order on phone and driver very friendly. Feel I got a very fair price on material as well. Will be back.

  • Joshua J.

    When every other landscaping nursery was out of sod these guys had it. Felt very much like a family business. Not a lot frills here, but none are needed for a landscaping business. For my next project I might just have to drive past the other 3 nurseries to get here.

  • Tessa H.

    The only place I will go from now on! John was very kind and so helpful! Even though my job was really small, I was treated with so much respect and personal care that I will not being going anywhere else for my landscape needs in the future. They have a massive selection and their customer service is outstanding.

  • Will M.

    Great service. Our yard looks spectacular. The neighbors are always asking where we get such high quality mulch. If you want a great quality mulch to enhance your yard be sure to visit for an excellent experience! Thanks Green Brothers!