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Are you looking to spruce up the land around your property? Of course, plants are the first thing that come to mind when considering improving your landscape. However, installing and maintaining such landscaping takes a lot of work.

Fortunately, for those overwhelmed at the thought of this route, there are other ways to make your yard look better. Take gravel, for example. This versatile material is an excellent landscaping alternative. It can draw attention to other features in your landscape or be its primary aesthetic element.

What is Gravel?

“Gravel” refers to a type of aggregate made up of broken rock. We have different sizes of gravel at Green Landscape Supply. All of them are made of high-quality natural stone. We also have flagstone, a material popularly used alongside small, pebble-sized gravel, particularly for walkways.

There are Many Ways to Use Gravel

Gravel can improve the appearance and functionality of your landscape, whether you decide to use it generously or sparingly. It functions well as pathway material, gardening mulch, a filler between flagstone pavers, a drainage tool around a building, a hardscape material for outdoor seating areas and more. Applications abound.

Gravel with Other Landscaping Elements

Gravel is affordable and comes in various shapes, colors and sizes, making it suitable for anyone’s budget and aesthetic goals. It works with any style and can complement any landscape feature. For example, if you want an element in your yard to stand out, you can surround it with gravel and lead people to it with a gravel walkway.

Gravel and Water Features

Gravel and larger stones combined are great for covering the bottom of recirculation fountains, ponds and dry streams.

Gravel and a Fire Pit

Gravel is a cheap and practical alternative to more expensive flooring options like pavers or flagstone, and it provides a secure landing spot for any errant sparks. To elegantly draw attention to your fire pit, you can select a gravel that contrasts or echoes the stone color used to build the feature. Otherwise, any shade of gravel works nicely if you have a portable fire pit, like a metal one.

Sourcing Gravel for Your Georgia Landscape

Green Landscape Supply’s staff can give you more ideas tailored to your landscaping needs. Contact us to discuss how you can use gravel to improve your landscape and place an order for delivery.

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Our Customer Reviews

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  • Jon B.

    Wanted to add top dressing to my lawn and stopped by to get some basic facts before starting. The team was so helpful to answer my many questions and made me feel comfortable to move forward with project. Stopped by a few weeks later with a u-haul and was all loaded up and ready to go within 15 minutes. Very helpful and inviting team. I might have them deliver next time, seems it's much easier and it can be dropped off on my driveway in those huge plastic bags - wife likes that Idea, and keeps me from unloading the truck on my own

  • D. F. C.

    We undertook a major landscaping project spanning 2018-2019. It includes stabilizing a foundation wall, construction of retaining walls, redirecting drainage, raised flowerbeds, and completely redoing the lawn. It requires multiple truckloads of stone, sand, fill dirt and topsoil. We saved a few dollars, but more importantly, the quality of the products ordered were unequaled. It was the best experience in getting exactly what and how much we needed that we had in the 30Y we've been here.

  • Ben J.

    Holy Cow! Super fast and friendly service having some gravel delivered. Person taking order on phone and driver very friendly. Feel I got a very fair price on material as well. Will be back.

  • Joshua J.

    When every other landscaping nursery was out of sod these guys had it. Felt very much like a family business. Not a lot frills here, but none are needed for a landscaping business. For my next project I might just have to drive past the other 3 nurseries to get here.

  • Tessa H.

    The only place I will go from now on! John was very kind and so helpful! Even though my job was really small, I was treated with so much respect and personal care that I will not being going anywhere else for my landscape needs in the future. They have a massive selection and their customer service is outstanding.

  • Will M.

    Great service. Our yard looks spectacular. The neighbors are always asking where we get such high quality mulch. If you want a great quality mulch to enhance your yard be sure to visit for an excellent experience! Thanks Green Brothers!