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Make Your Life Easier – Mulch Your Landscape

Green Plant Mulched With Natural Brown Bark Mulch

You will never achieve a superior landscape without at least some mulching. The added benefits of an organic mulch far outweigh the lack of it. A generous top layer of mulch will protect plants, shrubs and trees from extreme temperatures and optimize water resources. It will save you from hours of watering and weeding. In… Continue reading

How to Get Your Landscaping Ready for Spring

yellow flowers in garden

As the temperatures get warmer, you may notice that your yard could use some sprucing to be ready for spring and summer entertaining. Before you plan to plant fresh flowers or vegetables for your garden, you need to make some preparations first. Here are three tips to help you get your landscaping ready for spring.… Continue reading

Start Your Own Kitchen Garden

on the table is a basket full of vegetables from the garden

Recent years have seen a significant increase in exclusive restaurants with select kitchen gardens from which they source their vegetables and herbs. These gardens are found in many surprising places, rooftops and balconies are some of the more popular. In decades past it was assumed that a sizable plot of land was needed to plant… Continue reading

How to Use Gravel to Improve Your Landscape

Are you looking to spruce up the land around your property? Of course, plants are the first thing that come to mind when considering improving your landscape. However, installing and maintaining such landscaping takes a lot of work. Fortunately, for those overwhelmed at the thought of this route, there are other ways to make your… Continue reading

Inspiration for Gardening with Landscaping Rocks

Garden with lawn, cobblestone path and stone wall.

The naturally aged look of rocks adds structure to your design all year round and builds a link between an artificial environment and the natural world. You can use these raw materials to make beautiful things that fit a wide range of design ideas, from dramatic, jagged structures to smooth finishes. Landscaping Rocks are Versatile… Continue reading

DIY Project Delivered to Your Door

Landscaped backyard

Crisp fall air makes for a great time to get out into the yard and get one of those DIY items done. You know, one of those someday projects that you’ve imagined from pictures of a great idea that would fit into your landscape plan so well. Fall is the best time to get out… Continue reading

Achieve a New Landscape with Fast and Reliable Supplies

Garden with lawn, cobblestone path and stone wall.

There are several reasons that businesses and homeowners need reliable and fast landscape supplies. Whether you are working with a customer timeframe or have an upcoming event at your home, you need a vendor that delivers on time and within your budget. At Green Landscape Supply, we never let our Atlanta customers down. Your project… Continue reading

Landscape Structures that are Effective and Affordable


When you have great ideas for landscape design, budget restraints can drag you back to reality. At Green Landscape Supply, we can provide effective solutions. For example, with railroad ties and timbers, it is possible to build retaining walls, steps, flowerbeds and more. Our products are high-quality and offer an alternative to expensive hardscape materials.… Continue reading

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Our Customer Reviews

Green Landscape Supply

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 42 reviews

  • Jon B.

    Wanted to add top dressing to my lawn and stopped by to get some basic facts before starting. The team was so helpful to answer my many questions and made me feel comfortable to move forward with project. Stopped by a few weeks later with a u-haul and was all loaded up and ready to go within 15 minutes. Very helpful and inviting team. I might have them deliver next time, seems it's much easier and it can be dropped off on my driveway in those huge plastic bags - wife likes that Idea, and keeps me from unloading the truck on my own

  • D. F. C.

    We undertook a major landscaping project spanning 2018-2019. It includes stabilizing a foundation wall, construction of retaining walls, redirecting drainage, raised flowerbeds, and completely redoing the lawn. It requires multiple truckloads of stone, sand, fill dirt and topsoil. We saved a few dollars, but more importantly, the quality of the products ordered were unequaled. It was the best experience in getting exactly what and how much we needed that we had in the 30Y we've been here.

  • Ben J.

    Holy Cow! Super fast and friendly service having some gravel delivered. Person taking order on phone and driver very friendly. Feel I got a very fair price on material as well. Will be back.

  • Joshua J.

    When every other landscaping nursery was out of sod these guys had it. Felt very much like a family business. Not a lot frills here, but none are needed for a landscaping business. For my next project I might just have to drive past the other 3 nurseries to get here.

  • Tessa H.

    The only place I will go from now on! John was very kind and so helpful! Even though my job was really small, I was treated with so much respect and personal care that I will not being going anywhere else for my landscape needs in the future. They have a massive selection and their customer service is outstanding.

  • Will M.

    Great service. Our yard looks spectacular. The neighbors are always asking where we get such high quality mulch. If you want a great quality mulch to enhance your yard be sure to visit for an excellent experience! Thanks Green Brothers!